The present digital era has forced the mass to get more involved with electronics equipment such as smartphones, PCs, Laptops, memory cards, hard disks etc. Soon after they get old and impossible to repair, they pile up the trash area. The toxic elements eliminated from them create an alarming situation for both the nearby environment and the living creators residing inside of it.

In this regard, the effective service from our side in the name of WEEE recycling has become the center of attraction among major IT players. The use of cutting-edge latest technologies as well as policies are ensuring that the process carried out is strictly running in line with the environmental safety guidelines.

Core Service areas

The moment e-waste starts demanding its own space in your organization, consider taking the WEEE recycling policies provided by Virogreen. We not only collect them but also refurbish them thereby making the trash eligible for reselling. During the process we can also collect the precious rare-earth metals for you.

The wide area of service line from Virogreen offers the followings;

Complete IT upgrades

Though the power of our effective waste collection services in India, your old computer peripherals can get a complete new changeover.

Complete Data management

Despite of manual deletion, the discarded hard drives contain sensitive data. We can destroy them permanently ensuring zero chance of the information getting into wrong hands.

Pan-India e-waste recycling

Irrespective of the location of your esteemed organization, we can collect, refurbish and recycle your e-waste under a budget friendly policy.

Unlike other service providers, our solution plans will not burn your pocket and will give you a clear transparent picture of the all on-going process with their cost break-ups.

You can get the commitment from us on

  • Promise of Long term service
  • Completion of task prior to deadline
  • Environment friendly solutions
  • Best WEEE practices
  • Upgraded recycling solutions
  • High end data erasure and data confidentiality

Have any queries?

If you want to know about our service in more detail, call or mail us. We will be more than happy to resolve your issues with quality information from our ends.